Stay Mentally Prepared



“To err is human; to blame it on the other guy is even more human.” -  Bob Goddard

Stay Mentally Prepared
To  become a successful Realtor, you need to be motivated and stay mentally prepared for the everyday ups and downs of our business. Your mindset is critical to your success.

Your attitude is the perception you create about your reality; it determines how you go about your day. When you allow negative thoughts to creep into your head, you’ll experience negative results. Yes, being positive takes lots of energy, but remember, it produces the best results.

Do you walk the walk and talk the talk? How you carry yourself is an important factor in getting people to listen to what you have to say. Are you approaching each situation like you know what you’re talking about? Do you know what you’re talking about? Preparation for every situation is vital to your success.

Maintaining high expectations for yourself is critical.
Expect a lot of yourself; you are capable of doing what needs to be done to be successful. Start the “bar high” and continue raising it as you progress. Work hard daily and increase your expectations little by little every single day. As you gradually begin to raise the level of your expectations, you’ll begin to notice your mindset becoming stronger.

Your enthusiasm is what demonstrates your passion for assisting your clients with their real estate needs. Choose to feel excited about what you’re doing, remember only you are in control of your own emotions.

Have you ever heard the saying, “energy is contagious”? Get the energy you need. Stand up, rub your hands together, verbalize some positive affirmations. If your body is slumped and your tonality is monotone, don’t expect anyone to be excited by what you say. Pay attention to what you eat and drink; is it helping to increase your energy, or draining you? Pay attention to who you are “hanging around.” Are you around people who are passionate about what they do or negative people who complain about their jobs/income/life?

Complacency is an issue that all real estate agents face. Remember, if your business isn’t growing and moving forward, it’s stagnant and will soon be left behind. How do you fight complacency? You start by forcing yourself to question your limits. If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. It’s important for you to work hard for the entire duration of your real estate career.